Writing / Directing

Original & Branded Content

More samples upon request.

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"Faceblind Love" 2019

Client: UCB + Nerdist + Legendary Pictures

Production Company: Pig Apple

Press: Deadline 


"Turyn Goes To The Club" 2018-2019


Official Short Selection of NoBudge 2019

Official Short Selection of Katra Film Series 2019

Official Short Selection of MNFF 2018

Official Short Selection of Mystic Film Festival 2018

Best Experimental Short of New York Short Film Festival 2018

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“A Day In The Life Of Liz Arden” 2017

Client: Elizabeth Arden

Production Company: ICED Media

“When Your BFF Is Wearing The Same Outfit As You” 2016

Client: Coach

Production Company: Elite Daily

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“5TAGES Of Going On A Social Media Detox” 2017

Client: CBS “The Great Indoors”

Production Company: Elite Daily


5 Stages Every Girl Goes Through When Stalking Her Ex On Social Media.jpg

“5TAGES Of Stalking Your Ex On Social Media” 2015

Client: The CW “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Production Company: Elite Daily

“Women Read Offensive Text Messages They’ve Received From Guys” 2015

Client: Burger King

Production Company: Elite Daily

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Katie : A Lady 2014

Client: Above Average

Production Company: Above Average

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#Daguerrotype (#Selfie Parody) 2014

Client: Pop Roulette